Beard Care

At Baron & Brass, we believe that a beard can be a great source of pride for a man.
You know what isn't so great about growing out those whiskers? The "itchy beard" stage that begins right after the hairs start to get noticeable. This itch can become a source of unbearable irritation and lead to the life of the beard being cut short before it has reached its full glory. 

Itch no more with one of our carefully crafted beard oils, made up of 100% natural oils that mimic the oils already produced by your body. Our select ingredients provide your beard and skin with the hydration that will put the itch to rest, as well as a manly scent that is pleasing to the nose without overwhelming it.

Don't let the beard itch stop you from growing a beard that you can be proud of; try a bottle of our beard oil and make beard-growing great again.

We offer a modest variety of beard oil recipes, each containing differing carrier oils and essential oils. View each product to get an idea of the different types. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.