Beard oil is typically composed of two parts: hydrating carrier oils and fragrant essential oils. Beard oil is crucial to maintaining a healthy beard, as the combination of the oils provides a variety of different benefits to both the hair and the skin underneath the beard. These benefits include smoother, softer skin as well as acne prevention and increased blood flow to the face, which can help to promote hair growth in general.

At Handlebar Beard Company, we use a variety of combinations of different natural oils for each of our products. Our primary oils include jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, and castor oil. These oils closely match the natural oils produced by the body, and won't leave your face or beard feeling greasy. In addition to providing you with a softer beard, our ingredients will help reduce the "itch" associated with beard growth that often prompts an otherwise admirable beard to be cut short.  

The essential oils are added to our carrier oil concoction for a couple of reasons: scent and sense. First, they provide a distinguishable scent that isn't overbearing. Second, essential oils are known to have therapeutic benefits that help to clear the mind of distractions and create a greater sense of relaxation. The use of select essential oils in our beard oil helps to give your beard a refreshing, calming and lingering scent that doesn't overwhelm the nose. 

With our carefully selected, 100% natural ingredients, our delicate beard oils are designed to provide the greatest possible care for your beard. We're so confident in our beard oil's ability to improve the quality of your beard that we offer a 100% no-hassle return policy so that you can try out our products without risk.